Here are some signature / recommended dishes at a glance:


Please view our full menu here.

Please pre-order these dishes approx 1-3 days in advance as they are made to order and require early preparation

  • Scottish Blue Lobster – sashimi and / or porridge / braised in bee hoon
  • Salt Baked XL Sri Lankan Crab
  • XL Crab Porridge
  • Boston Lobster
  • Patin – silver catfish
  • Great Shovel Nose Ray two ways
  • Herbal Chicken Soup
  • Phoenix Chicken
  • Homemade Chicken Curry Pie
  • Crispy Suckling Pig

These items run out quickly / are available in limited quantities daily, hence, request to reserve them when making your booking, so we may reserve them for you if still available!

  • Fresh Pacific Oysters
  • Live Scottish Blue Mussels cooked with white wine & garlic-butter served in claypot
  • Ubin Supreme Appetiser Platter
  • XL Sri Lankan Crabs
  • Yellow Roe Cold Crabs
  • Brittany Cold Crabs
  • Carabinero Prawns
  • Threadfin Fish (stomach/mid-section)
  • Kurobuta Tonkotsu
  • Pork Jowl Satay
  • Foie Gras Satay
  • Foie Gras Egg Special
  • Southern Indian Food Collection
  • Chocolate Alexander

We seek your understanding that all items are subject to stock and supplier availability.
If we face a situation where there is insufficient stock / supply or if quality of the item is not up to standard, we will notify you  as soon as we are aware. This may sometimes occur on the day itself especially with fresh seafood or stock that come in daily.

Set menus are perfect for large groups:$138$238$398$398+528++ Classic set menu$728

Spoilt for choice? Opt for our special set menus which include only the favourites! Fresh seafood, comforting dishes and top quality meats – the usual goodness you can expect from Ubin Seafood – please contact us at 9740 6870 to make arrangements now!

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the menu items and prices quoted above are updated and correct, New Ubin Seafood Pte Ltd (the “Restaurant”) reserves the right to amend, vary and/or delete these menu items and/or prices at any time without notice as the Restaurant may in its absolute discretion determine, and nothing herein shall be construed as a waiver and/or representation of the Restaurant’s rights.


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