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“The past year has been a challenging time for us… we are ever grateful for everyone’s feedback, support & encouragement.

To the team who work so hard with us – sincere thanks and gratitude for being part of our family.

And to all, we remain humbly, your Truly Singaporean eatery and we look forward to serving up ‘shiok’ makan for a long time to come.

Thank you. – Management of New Ubin Seafood”



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Garang Grill is New Ubin Seafood’s idea of what a Singaporean barbecue ought to be. This concept has been made possible via a pop-up collaboration with Slake (bistro of prominent local chef, Jeremy Cheok). Launched as a 3-month pop-up within Slake’s cosy 40-seater bistro, Garang Grill aims to test and consider market response to this exciting grill concept. “The underlying motivation is always to offer ‘shiok makan’ to one and all, in a casual and laid-back environment. We invite you to taste the fierce, bold char and enjoy our interpretation of what a good grill can and should be and we hope you will enjoy Garang Grill as much as we do.” –Mr Pang Seng Meng, New Ubin Seafood

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Dear friends of New Ubin Seafood,

We have been informed this morning that New Ubin Seafood has received a Bib Gourmand in the inaugural Michelin Guide Singapore 2016.

It is an honour that a simple cze char place like us can be awarded with such an accolade.

We share this privilege with all of our customers, team members and partners who have supported us through the years – we couldn’t have done this without you!

Please be assured that we will continue to work hard, to ensure that everything remains true to our simple mission of serving shiok food and endeavouring that you have an enjoyable time in our humble abode.

Once again, thank you all for being a part of this Singaporean family’s makan journey.

‘A message from Mr Pang:

Our friend Liang Te Shan said it best: Actually you just need to be true to your convictions and forget about critics (Well not entirely) …. That’s how you have succeeded so well from an impossibly difficult business in a location given up by everybody.”

So many thanks to all of you! – SM’

Yours truly,
New Ubin Seafood
Truly Singaporean!

“…Of the total of 34 eateries that received the Bib Gourmand rating – which is usually announced by Michelin a few days before the full guidebook launch – 17 are found in traditional food centres while 14 are restaurants and 3 came under the ‘other street food establishments’ category. To qualify for the rating, venues must offer a good value meal for under S$45…

Cze char eateries, a characteristically Singaporean variety of casual Chinese restaurants offering home-style cooking, also received a nod from the Bib Gourmand list, which named long-celebrated food haunts such as New Ubin Seafood, JB Ah Meng and Sin Huat Eating House in Geylang, the latter famed for its crab beehoon…”



Presenting our feature on Meat & Greed, which was featured on Channel 5 in June 2012 ! We are pleased to inform you that both the English & Mandarin versions of the video are available below. Click here to make a reservation now!

English Version

Mandarin Version

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2nd Review in the Weekender – 15 November 2013!


Review in the Weekender – 25 October 2013

Weekender Write Up - 25 Oct 2013

As featured in Dr Leslie Tay’s food blog

What comes to mind when you mention Pulau Ubin?  Probably images of Kampong houses, kids running around in singlets and catching spiders right?  

I guess that is the kind of image that a restaurant called New Ubin Seafood wants to project in the mind of the potential customer and they have managed to do it to a certain extent.  When you step inside this rustic little restaurant inconspicuously hidden amongst the motor mechanic workshops in Sin Ming, you might momentarily imagine that you are in a little Kampong hut in Pulau Ubin!  And, just as Pulau Ubin had somehow managed to escape the ravages of development, this eponymous little shack of a restaurant seemed that have done the same.  In rapidly developing Singapore, shady little shacks like these are hard to come by!

The restaurant is run by Mr Pang, a retired professional who runs the restaurant as an excuse to have a  big kitchen to experiment with the kinds of food he likes to eat.  How else can you explain a menu which not only consists of atypical Cze Char dishes, but also western dishes like USDA Ribeye steaks and German pork trotters?

Read the full review here

Review by Trilife on Trip Advisor! 

” Who would think that one can get delectable Singaporean Seafood (crab, sting ray, salted fish fried rice) and a high end wine cellar (with glasses matching the varietal to boot) in an industrial estate full of auto repair shops? Well, Ubin Seafood is that place. The owner Pang is a former finance executive who clearly knows how to spoil his clientèle. You must try the BBQ steak and the accompanying fried rice! “

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Review on Rockabitebaby

“had heard about the increasing popularity and seen on various instagram and facebook feeds quite a bit about this place recently, so decided to drag (okay fine i didn’t have to drag; the fam bam is always willing to hunt down good food teehee) my family there for a meal one sunday evening.

we had previously visited this place once, but it was a long time back before it became the popular seafood haunt that it is today. i remember being very young and bewildered that we were having dinner in a coffeeshop-like setup in the middle of a bunch of car workshops!

the set-up remains the same today, but i now see the place as being charming in its own way, the kind of casual family place which people visit in their shorts and flipflops, with the menu scrawled in multiple colours on a chalkboard that stretches across the wall. its a bit like a secret shack hidden amidst car workshops nestled in sin ming, which i guess some might find appealing since it offers something very different from the usual modern set-ups that we so often visit these days.”

Read the full review here.

Review on Oysterdiaries:

” I’ve been looking forward to a good zi char meal ever since I came back. I think I’ve had enough of cafe-hopping for the time being- you have no idea how many cafes I dragged the friends into during our winter vacation (Berlin especially hehe).

Dad brought the entire family to his latest ‘find’ in the upper thompson area called New Ubin Seafood. It’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle of upper thompson road in an old industrial estate. Judging from the boisterous crowd that night, I don’t think it’s much of a secret despite its secluded location!

There’s a 2 for 1 offer going on now for crabs. We got 2 pepper crabs and 1 salted yolk. Finger lickin’ good! But at this point the msg started to set in.

The hokkien mee is another thing I would recommend. That broth has so much flavour to it.

New Ubin Seafood seems to do both western and our more familiar zi char dishes. Usually I would not think much of the western dishes in such places but the steak was an unexpected gem. Undoubtedly, the star of the night for me. We spent about 400+ on 11 people (plus drinks). Not too bad considering how much seafood we had. “

Read the full review here.

Review on

” Residing in Bishan, Ang Mo Kio or Thomson and looking for an eatery to do ‘BYO wine’ dinners? I recently came to know of New Ubin Seafood which accomodates BYO wines at no corkage charge. Its located at Blk 27, Sin Ming Road, #01-174, Sin Ming Industrial Estate, S(575680) Tel: 64669558; two bus stops away from Marymount MRT station.

I had the opportunity to do two ‘BYO wine’ dinner sessions recently at this place. Maurice learnt about its pro-BYO wine policy and was good enough to organize the dinners.

To look upon this place as a seafood eatery is certainly limiting its scope; it certainly offers a good range of meat dishes as well to excite one’s taste buds. There’s 2 air-conditioned rooms; one a private room with 2 tables which can accommodate 20 diners, and a bigger room which holds slightly more than 5 tables. There’s also non-air con seating inside the restaurant as well as along the corridor. It’s an eatery which provides a laid back, casual setting for an informal and relaxed dining experience. “

Read the full review here.

Another food blogger’s view – Upper Thomson Road Singapore Living:-

” Opened in !986, Ubin Seafood has expanded their culinary expertise to serve not only fresh seafood and traditional zi char, but also a Singaporean take on American, French, Italian and Indian cuisines. I seriously questioned why there was such a mashup of different styles on offer, but I believe that what matters is the quality of the food. I’m sure they had to be pretty confident that everything on the menu is delicious in order to include it.

The star of the night if the Beef at New Ubin Seafood. The meat is chunky, juicy and tender. I think it is cooked very well and makes it good for sharing as compared to eating an entire slab of steak as a main course. It comes with potato wedges and caramelized onions. Haven’t eaten such good caramelized onions in awhile. It is definitely a must try. “

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Review by These Crazy Shakes :

” My first time writing about a zichar place but New Ubin has that “hip” quotient befitting of crazyshakes – and so it makes the blog.

Most zichar coffee shops cater to families who live in the neighborhood. However here diners were groups of friends all in their 20′s – an obvious sign it is a hit with the younger ones. I mean I travelled about 5 highway exits just to eat here so that says a lot.

I guess it’s the unconventional dishes like steak and “boss” beehoon, plus the classics like crab and crayfish that draw the crowd. And to me, quite importantly, is the extensive wine list all below $50 per bottle. Impressive! “

Read the full review here.

Review on Small Potatoes Make The Steak Look Bigger :

” This was a bit of an unusual spot (Block 27 Sin Ming Road, #01-174 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A, tel : +65 6466 9558) for a weekend lunch. For one, I hadn’t known of its existence until quite recently even though I have had ba kut teh just around the corner. The location in the middle of industrial park amidst vehicle workshops wouldn’t quite advertise its presence as well.

The next cholesterol bomb was battered and deep fried oysters in salted egg yolk. The flavors of the salted yolk were robust and the oysters were actually pretty fresh tasting. Would make excellent pairing with white rice if I may say so.

The last item that was served arrived after we were done with the other dishes. We had been informed earlier at the start that it would take a while. This, was the second part to the shovel nose ray which contains collegen rich gelatinous parts surrounding a proboscis like soft bone structure. Both the outside and the interior were filled with the light gelatinous matter which tasted very much like eating hashima or bone marrow in chicken essence. The last part came from the rich broth that the ray was steamed in which could have been what is normally passed as superior sauce in Chinese restaurants.

I think this place would be for keeps. “

Read the full review here.

Review on Shiokhochiak

“Ubin Seafood is an old, old place…I understand it originated in Pulau Ubin…a small island off our small island, hence the name…but, has been for many years reloacted to the mainland. The current owner is a retired professional, who loves to eat, and uses the restaurant as his test kitchen, and offers some of his favourites. Lucky for us, we are likeminded…

Now, tucked in the Sin Ming Industrial estate, amongst the car re-spray people, finding a place to park on a weekday lunch can be a challenge. I was told its rather easier to find a lot in the evenings and weekends.

Wolfgang Puck can rest safe at night that this does not threaten his Cut for the title of best steak in Singapore…but the Astons of the world should take note. The meat is high quality. Lean, mostly, as the fat has been trimmed (more on this in a moment). The meat was not melt in your mouth tender, it was vigrous and fiesty…giving the teeth a bit of a fight, but the flavour was full, and bursting. Lightly sprinkled before serving with salt and pepper, it was quite satisfying.

The fat was trimmed in the kitchen, and used to fry a killer fried rice. My friend Larry dubbed this dish as heart attack on a plate. “

Read the full review here.

Review by GNineThree:

” You know the food is good when despite having an inaccessible location, the place is still full house on a weekday night. One can only imagine how busy it must be on the weekends! Needless to say, reservations are highly recommended regardless of the day. You do not want to travel all the way to Sin Ming Industrial Estate and be turned away because there are no more tables left. “

Read the full review here

Review by Jeannie L on Yelp!

” New Ubin Seafood is… not on Pulau Ubin anymore. Despite that, it is still somewhat out of the way in Sin Ming, hidden in an industrial estate behind all the vehicle repair shops. This place serves an eclectic mix of the usual seafood dishes and western-inspired fusion dishes with a twist.

The first thing you observe is the USDA Choice Ribeye sitting on everyone’s table. This is the star dish. An interesting take on steak, it is grilled to your specifications, cubed and served on a wooden board. Caramelised onions, fries, mustard and ketchup complete the setup. Accompanying that is an extremely sinful fried rice on the side, containing the trimmed beef fat from the steak. Essentially heart attack on a plate! So bad yet so good. The “wok hei” aroma is apparent, and the rice bursts with fatty smoky flavour, not overly oily or soggy.

They also serve up a fairly decent salted egg yolk crab and chilli crab (see photos). The rest of the day’s offerings and experimental dishes are written on a chalk board on the wall. I also heard that the “boss” bee hoon (rice noodles) is also a good dish to try, however I did not get to order it this time. The boss is Mr. Pang, and that’s the way he likes his noodles. The Shovel Nosed Ray and German-style Crispy Pork Knuckle are also good bets. “

Read the full review here.

Review by Shiberty :

” I was pretty hesitant about it at first. Me? I’m not a food blogger and I’m not a big fan of chinese food most of the time. How will this pan out..? But upon his persuasion, I gave it the restaurant a go and came home with no regrets! (except for my bulging tummy)

The food quality definitely surprised both Sam and I because we weren’t expecting much from a humble family restaurant. But I think this one is definitely worth mentioning. Do note that I am not paid to write this blog entry, this review features my honest opinions. I wouldn’t ask you to eat at a restaurant I wouldn’t frequent myself. 🙂 “

Read the full review here.

Review by Camemberu :

” Oh yes, you read it right. This is New Ubin Seafood. But it serves a really good steak! Choice US ribeye steak broiled and served with potato wedges and caramelised onions.

And you’ll find this restaurant in the most unlikely of places. It’s in the heart of the Sin Ming Road industrial zone, a neon-lit facade nestled among car and machinery workshops. First-timers may have difficulty locating the place, but the effort is well worth it.

What led us to this hidden place? The June 2010 Makansutra forum members dinner. These very often showcase some of the best cze-char gems on this island. Oh yes, I’m quite behind in posting these lovely dinners – I have three more to go but I will blog them all, as they’re all good! “

Read the full review here



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